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Watch this video to learn how to choose the appropriate street size and prepare your Info List in the Customer Portal.

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Need extra prints for family or groups?
You can order same-quality duplicates when you finalize the purchase of your first print!
See details and pricing for duplicate art prints.

Duplicate prints are the same high quality as the original.... same paper, inks, everything!

Order as many duplicate prints as you need - each at great discounted price.

Pricing when ordered during the purchase of your first print (and shipped to same address):

Unframed $75.00 - includes double mat set and mount board in presentation cell folder.
Framed from $110.00 each to $150.00 each - includes everything above plus hanging hardware, frame and framing-quality acrylic glass
Above prices include shipping UPS ground within the continental USA.

An additional five days notice is needed to process more than four duplicate prints.

For pricing after you have purchased your first print, or for duplicates shipping to a different address, contact Cully McLean for complete details M-F, 9-5 EST at 770-745-7225.


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